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Humanitarian Design Bureau

Humanitarian Design Dureau

Industrial design and project management

The agency’s services are directed towards all stakeholders in the humanitarian sector, including NGOs and their suppliers, financial backers, international organisations, and the end users themselves. Each stakeholder, no matter its position and role within the humanitarian aid process, can entrust Humanitarian Design Bureau with the development of solutions applicable to the whole chain of intervention, at every level of the process. Every client holds unique knowledge that obviously places them as one of the key partners in the project they initiate.

The agency, integrated within the humanitarian sector, promotes a field-based approach to intervention, from emergency to development, so the solutions formulated are as relevant as possible, project after project.

Humanitarian Design Bureau designs the industrial products and defines their purpose using primarily its own resources, gathering external expertise around each project as needed.

Humanitarian Design Bureau acts as a project manager and promoter of solutions that are better adapted to the humanitarian sector. The agency manages the project from the initial idea all the way through to the feedback from the end users following completion of the project, and is involved in drawing up the project specifications, the context analysis, the financing, and the development, as well as in the manufacturing and possibly the commercialisation or delivery.

The team of Humanitarian Design Bureau is committed to offering its partners all the services necessary to complete a successful project (and to maximise their return on investment), firmly grounded in cohesive and productive partnerships and an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Humanitarian Design Bureau aims to become an integrated provider of humanitarian sector by acquiring project after project experience of the field and of the complex and systemic management of humanitarian innovation projects.

Our jobs:

  • Designers
  • Project managers

Our team of consultants:

  • Specialised designers
  • Logisticians
  • Technicians
  • Scientists
  • Consultants

Our partners:

  • FAO
  • ICRC
  • Nutriset
  • DWB
  • Génération Héros
  • ACF
  • French Red Cross
  • Emmaüs
  • Allard Emballages
  • L’européenne d’Emballages
  • CVP